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This Sunday, in the midst of my usual channel switching session, I happened to catch a glimpse of Mandira Bedi doling out some advice to the Men in Blue for their upcoming WC campaign and I didn't think twice before tweeting about my displeasure. Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined what was about to transpire in the next few minutes. The following tweetexchange gave me a chance to interact with one of my oldest childhood crushes. Thank you Twitter!
Ashish Vaswani
'Tel laga' tops the list of catchphrases that I use. However, I'm going to make an exception this one time. I recently received a mail that had me thinking. Thought this was worth sharing...

Disclaimer: does not claim to be the original source of the following extract from an email chain. However, this is a cause it supports very strongly. We are not responsible for misrepresentation of facts mentioned hereunder. Readers are requested to verify the authenticity of the following facts before taking any action.
Ashish Vaswani
Okay, as always, a few precautionary warnings and points to note before you read this review:

1. I love most of the movies I watch. But me writing a review for one is rare. The only one to have earned that rare distinction in recent times is Raajneeti. You could use that fact as a yardstick to scale this review up/down as per your tastes.

2. This may not be the kind of movie you could take your girl/boyfriend to. (Then again, you could take the risk if you saw DevD together and/or are aware of Sudhir Mishra chhap cinema) Frankly, I wouldn’t be comfortable watching this movie with my parents around either, but I’m aware of exceptions to this perception that I harbour.
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