Ashish Vaswani
Got an opportunity to present the vision that drives at Startup Saturday Bengaluru. Took to the stage after a long time, but thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it.

This was followed by an interesting Q&A session.

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Ashish Vaswani
So, this happened...

Ashish Vaswani
As has been the case for the last few years now, the onset of the monsoon has inspired me to create and build something I can call my own. Whether it was this blog in 2008, Popular4Peanuts in 2011, or Deadline's Tonight last year. The idea of being the parent of a baby that you've conceived with love and devotion is unparalleled. Keeping the tradition alive, here is a sneak peek into what I've recently come up with. We call it VRfirst. Puneet and I started on this quest ever since we covered the Google I/O from our hostel room in Pune last year. The year gone by saw us experimenting with the awesomeness that is Google Cardboard. The device and the ideas that it inspired took me places. Goa being the most notable one.

My first 3D printed toy. Hopefully the first of many more!

It only seemed logical to take the next step when we saw our vision being echoed at the Google I/O this year. This has been the idea behind VRfirst. The baby is just about a day old and doing very well. Do pay it a visit and give it your blessings. Feedback can come to me.
Ashish Vaswani
Two hundred and eighty-eight. That's the number of days for which you have been languishing without my attention, dear Blog. Though I'm not one to give excuses, the last few months were too action-packed for me to sit down and write something for you, with complete freedom. This is quite ironic, given that our last post together was about our society's take on Independence!

Nevertheless, a lot has changed since the last time we met, Blog. There's a lot of catching up to do. I've moved to Bengaluru for a start. And boy, has the city been kind or what! A new job, new friends, life couldn't have been better!
Figured that we're pretty big here! ;)

This week, I complete two months in this beautiful city that I now call home. Here's to many more!
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