Ashish Vaswani
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Everything changes but the beauty remains, Apple obeys this law to its core..

Apple aficionados, this one is for you...

Today 2nd March, 2011, Apple has announced a media event in San Francisco, California, with an interesting enticer "Come see what 2011 will be the year of." (with an iPad popping out).

Anticipation for a "phenomenal" device, (as Steve Jobs calls it) iPad 2 is at the peak of expectations with some spectacular changes like Thunderbolt and USB ports, DualCore processor, back and front (for Facetime) Camera, Gyroscope, Integrated 3D tech and some innovative features which are beyond imagination!

Apart from iPad, a sneak peek at their new Mac OS X Lion (expected to be launched this summer) with some major changes should find its way out. Cloud Computing (the future), new version of Final Cut pro, iOS 4.3, Updates in Mac App Store are expected as well.

Eagerly awaited-"Steve Jobs on Stage".

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