Ashish Vaswani
Spent some time last night watching Narendra Modi speak at the India Today Conclave, and I must say I was completely awestruck. The man's much talked about confidence and conviction are sure to soften even his biggest detractors. Keeping his infamous past behind him, Modi has single-handedly managed to transform the face of Gujarat over the past decade. In spite of my apprehensions for the party which he belongs to, NaMo is my choice for the country's top job.

Aroon Purie and Rahul Kanwal tried really hard to get Modi to declare his aspirations for the centre, if any. To no avail! Nonetheless, the Gujarat CM floored the audience, including myself, as he waxed eloquent about the Gujarat success story.

Whether the BJP can come to power in the centre, battling some serious allegations of scams and infighting still remains to be seen. Moreso because the party refrains from projecting a PM candidate. But going by his successful streak, looks like it won't be too long before the whole country is 'Modi'fied!