Ashish Vaswani
A heartwarming poem by Govinda Ahuja that captures the essence of most students' lives.
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Weeks pass by without attending a single lecture,
Where we go to sleep & mark the attendance register,
I just couldn't study for marks and grades,
Memorize theorems for degrees and certificates.

The defaulter's meeting was often a delight,
Seldom did it cause my friends a worrisome plight,
I knew where my time had gone but they did not,
Though everyone had an excuse to handle this plot.

I can't promise next sem, that I would attend,
To sit in the lecture and seem to pretend.
I know what you taught was archaic and out-dated, 
Inspite hiking the fees on branding the institution as top-rated.

We all had dreams of becoming good engineers,
Dreams being an expression of EEG and neurotransmitters,
''It has a lot of scope!'' was heard loud and clear,
But for many, the end turned to be a carcinogenic pap smear.

I could not accept software engineering as my future,
And it’s not that I am inferior or superior ,
It's just because I am a Biomedical Engineer.

They wake up every morning hearing shrill audible shock, (They=software engineers)
Disturbing and working against their circadian clock,
They curse their day and long hours at work,
Still continuing it regularly, for a huge perk.

Finance was always my last resort,
Something as easy as a blind-folded shot,
But then came a process of cardiac re-engineering,
Where my heart clearly said "Finance: You are not winning!"

I can't do something that I don't love,
In a field where I don’t want my cognizance to serve,
And not that I am inferior or superior,
It’s just because I am a Biomedical engineer.

A faulty conscience can kill you faster,
Than the phenomenon of gradually getting older,
As life continues to last, till you will,
It’s unfortunate to see people; who eventually kill.

I believe self-killing could be mechanical or mental,
And living your life without your family is insubstantial,
And not that I am inferior or superior,
It’s just because I am not a mechanical but a Biomedical Engineer.

People end up doing things mechanically,
Achievements are always classified superficially,
Passion is over -written by materialistic goals,
Evoking artificial neural signals into their souls.

I just can't write this poem any further.
And Its not that I am inferior or superior,

It’s just because I am a Biomedical Engineer.

                                                -Govinda Ahuja