Ashish Vaswani
Found this poem in a newspaper ad...

Sometimes I wonder if I'm where I'm supposed to be,
or if I'm who I'm supposed to be...
I wonder what this life has in store for me.

Sometimes I feel sure of what I want and where I'm to go,
Otherwise I feel lost and try not to let it show.
I live my life from day to day,
and love everything in every single way.

But sometimes at night I lay and stare,
and hope for answers through answered prayers.
Do I go left or should I choose right,
the roads are as dark as a moonless night.

I hesitate not because I'm scared,
and not even because I'm unprepared.
I sit and ponder which road to choose,
simply because I don't want to loose

To make the wrong choice would be hardest to bare,
or is that God's intention...a double dare.
A dare to take the road less traveled,
and risk the road chosen to become unraveled.

Although it may seem like the road is too slick,
doesn't us taking it make it the right road to pick?
So then we must wonder is there a right and a wrong path,
or simply two different ways to do the math.

However we add it, it equals the same,
but the method used to get there is what makes the game.
So although I feel lost from time to time,
I take great comfort in the fact that the choice is all mine.

I can choose to go left, or I can choose to go right,
either way in the end there's a golden light.
So although we may wonder which path to choose,
we must remember in life we have nothing to loose.

Whichever choice we make, A or B,
the one we choose is meant to be.
So instead of trying to force life to fit,
just let life happen and enjoy it.

It's going to work at its own pace,
life is a journey, not a race.
So sit back and enjoy this precious gift,
and when the gears need change don't hesitate to shift!