Ashish Vaswani
Last night, more than seven million people, including myself, witnessed online, an unbelievable, death-defying, adrenaline fueled, record breaking free fall from the edge of space, by a man called Felix Baumgartner. This man rose to a height of more than 1.2 lakh feet above the surface of Earth to jump unassisted at a speed in excess of Mach 1.

Felix the Fearless, as he is more commonly known, was sponsored by Red Bull to perform this one of a kind feat. The event was surely akin to the Apollo launch for my generation. God alone knows how much money was pumped into this stunt dubbed Mission Stratos, which created quite a flutter on Twitter. Even as I can see the digital world going bonkers over it for the next couple of days, it sure proved to be one giant leap for mankind!

Watch the video below to see the event immortalized in Lego.