Ashish Vaswani
I'm compelled to write a post about this famous south Indian movie as Star Plus keeps running it almost every weekend. Rajnikanth's heroics mixed with all the elements of a blockbuster do make good for a lazy Sunday afternoon, the unbelievable twists and turns notwithstanding. In other news, Chennai Super Kings won IPL 4 and for the Bangalore Royal Challengers, it was a case of हाथ को आया, मूह न लगा! Barcelona also beat ManU to bag the title of Europe's champions for the third time in five years..

Very soon, I will be watching the Monaco Grand Prix and the French Open simultaneously. This is what weekends have turned to. The idiot box doesn't seem like an idiot anymore. There is some or the other channel for everyone's taste. Programming heads all over the country have been working overtime to telecast all the award cermonies. Last week I happened to catch Stardust, Zee Cine and the rerun of the Filmfare awards. Star Parivaar Awards are also just around the corner. The award categories are becoming more and more hilarious with every passing year.

Very recently, I happened to stumble into this great social network, called Quora. You can answer or ask questions pertaining to any topic of your choice. Truly has the potential of becoming the future Wikipedia. Speaking of social networking websites, I'm getting really addicted to Foursquare. The idea of being mayor of places you visit often is very appealing to me. Gowalla is also a service based on similar lines. Will be exploring the true potential of both on our family trip to Singapore in June.

That should be it for the week. And since I began the post by talking about Rajnikanth, let me end with his signature, "Yenna rascala, mind it!"