Ashish Vaswani
As I inch closer towards celebrating the first anniversary of my blog, the dil ki dhadkan is increasing and रक्तचाप also. The last few weeks have been breathtakingly beautiful thanks to friends and family. Special thanks to my Dad for providing me my Samsung Galaxy Tab. It has come home like a blessing in disguise. Times have been really good especially after India's world cup win but personal happiness still ranks first on the list of priorities.

There is a slew of May birthdays in my family kickstarted by my mother on 11th May. Now I also know that Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's birthday is 13th May which translates to तेरा मैं in Hindi. With my final semester exams around the corner, free time available is at an all time high, thanks to Mumbai University. I now have more time to experiment with stuff and figure things out.

The highlight of last week was my first live cricket match at Wankhede stadium, Mumbai. Many thanks to my friend Anand Jumani for that again. The atmosphere was electric and I must admit that I'm hooked now. Sitting in the Sachin Tendulkar stand watching the match at eye level, with the Divecha pavillion in front of me and the moon right above will be a scene I'll remember for life. Mumbai Indians lost is another issue...